Gippsland Septic Treatment Plant Cleaning

Mac Waste has over 15 years experience in pumping sewage treatment plants throughout the Gippsland area. Call our friendly team today for an obligation free quote.

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Our Septic Treatment Plant Cleaning Services in Gippsland

Septic treatment plants are used to safely process household wastewater, recycle and turn it into odourless water to irrigate the property. Waste from the kitchen, toilet, bathroom and laundry is drained into the septic tank. This is then broken down using bacteria and is filtered through a series of chambers to treat the water until it is suitable for irrigation.

Mac Waste is a family-owned company specialising in pumping wastewater systems. We clean and help maintain all home sewage treatment plant systems including leading manufacturers such as Taylex, Icon Septech, Bioseptic, Aquanova, OzziKleen, FijiClean and Biocycle.

We are fully licensed and qualified to pump and dispose of wastewater in accordance with strict Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) guidelines. Call our friendly Gippsland-based team today for your home sewage treatment plant maintenance.

How do I maintain a Sewage Treatment Plant?

Properly maintaining your sewage treatment plant ensures your system remains in optimal condition. This helps to keep your wastewater system functioning properly and improves its overall lifespan. In between professional pumping of your home wastewater treatment, ensure that you do not:

  • Allow surface water to enter the system
  • Allow high volume of discharges to enter the system
  • Exceed the maximum loading of the plant

Mac Waste Group Are Accredited EPA Liquid Waste Transport Specialists

Why should I have my Septic Treatment Plant professionally cleaned?

Having your Home Septic Treatment Plant (HSTP) professionally cleaned ensures your system remains compliant with council regulations. Mac Waste have been professionally pumping septic systems for 15 years. Our highly trained staff ensure your HSTP is maintained and operational by cleaning and pumping:

  • Sewage chamber (primary tank)
  • Secondary tank (depending on condition)
  • Filter
  • Irrigation tank

Our sludge removal techniques ensure there is no damage to your wastewater system. Throughout the de-sludging process, our team checks pumps, control panels and alarms; and report back if any damage or servicing is noted.

How often should I have my Home Sewage Treatment Plant cleaned?

When maintained properly, your sewage treatment system should be professionally cleaned every 2-3 years. This is dependent on the size of the plant. Failure to pump wastewater systems within this timeframe may cause an excessive amount of solids to build up. This can block appropriate drainage and cause damage to your HSTP.

We offer scheduled septic treatment plant servicing, so you don’t need to remember to rebook every time. We send a reminder to let you know what day we’ll be coming, and to check if there’s anything specific we need to know before we start service.

Mac Waste Group Are Accredited EPA Liquid Waste Transport Specialists

What are the signs I need to have my Septic Treatment Plant pumped?

There are a simple signs that indicate when it’s time to pump your septic treatment plant:

  • Flashing alarm light
  • Pump failure
  • Pooling of water
  • Odours in areas surrounding drains

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