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We are are Gippsland’s trusted EPA accredited liquid waste transport specialists for Water Tank Cleaning

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Our Water Tank Cleaning Services in Gippsland

Water is precious for you and your family. When you have a rainwater tank on your property, you want to make sure it’s giving you clean and healthy water. Mac Waste is a family-owned business and has over 15 years experience in professionally cleaning water tanks throughout the Gippsland area. We are fully licensed and follow strict health and safety procedures to clean your rainwater tank in a safe and hygienic manner.

Get your water tank back to supplying your home with clean, safe water. Regular cleaning helps minimise damage to your water pipes and pump, and can reduce the damage to your household taps. We service all types of rainwater tanks including concrete, polyethylene, galvanized, iron fibreglass and stainless steel etc.

Our professional team uses a high-performance vacuum that removes sediment and sludge from the bottom of your water tank. We also use a high-pressure hose that removes built-up sediment and algae from the tank walls and floor.

gippsland water tank cleaning, liquid waste management
gippsland water tank cleaning, liquid waste management

Why would I need to get my water tank professionally cleaned?

Australian standards recommend that you professionally clean your water tank and remove sludge and sediment every 2-3 years. Sediment is formed when foreign objects enter your tank, such as debris, twigs, leaves, worms and other small animals. When left untreated, this can cause harmful bacteria in your drinking water.

When sediment builds up in your tank, this can lead to discoloured water, smelly and congested pipes, and algae buildup. This impacts the quality of your drinking water, and can cause damage to your household pipes.

Having your tank professionally cleaned means correctly removing all sludge and sediment buildup from your tank, leaving you with clean and healthy drinking water. If you attempt to do this yourself, you run the risk of not removing fine sediments from your water, which ultimately end up contaminating your household water.

Our friendly team are experienced in servicing water tanks throughout the Gippsland area, so call us for an obligation-free quote today.

Mac Waste Group Are Accredited EPA Liquid Waste Transport Specialists

How often should I have my water tank professionally cleaned?

Your rainwater tank provides healthy drinking water for your family. With proper maintenance (such as cleaning your roof gutters etc.), your rainwater tank should be professionally cleaned every 2-3 years.

However, if your property has been impacted (or exposed to) bushfire smoke and ash, or any other event that has resulted in contamination of your drinking water, then your water tank should be professionally cleaned immediately.

gippsland water tank cleaning, liquid waste management
gippsland water tank cleaning, liquid waste management

How much does it cost to have my water tank professionally cleaned?

The cost of cleaning your water tank depends on a few factors. When you call our friendly team for an obligation-free quote, we will need to know the following:

  • Whereabouts in Gippsland is your property located?
  • What is the capacity of your water tank?
  • Is there an opening to the top of the tank we can access?
  • Is there truck access within 10 metres of your water tank?
  • Do you need a top-up of water?
  • Is there a suitable place on your property to discard this sludge?
    (The sludge that is removed from the water tank is organic matter and can be used for your garden etc).
  • Are you able to drain your water tank prior to our arrival?

We always do our best to service multiple properties in a certain area to help keep your costs down.

Mac Waste Group Are Accredited EPA Liquid Waste Transport Specialists

Can I maintain my rainwater tank in between cleans?

Of course! Professional cleaning of your rainwater tank ensures you have healthy drinking water. But it’s also important to take care of it in between to avoid excessive sediment buildup and contamination of water.

To keep your water tank clean in between services, we recommend you do the following:

  1. Regularly clean your gutters and leaf matter from the roof.
  2. Remove any overhanging trees or shrubs from around your water tank.
  3. Clean insect and overflow screens regularly.

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