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Our Grease Trap Cleaning Service in Gippsland

Grease traps collect animal and vegetable fats from flowing into your plumbing system before they reach sewer lines and waterways. It’s important to have these regularly cleaned to prevent clogging and unnecessary disruptions to your hospitality business.

When grease traps are not pumped (or they’re pumped incorrectly), blockages can occur which can damage your main lines. This is why you should use a professional grease trap cleaning service.

Mac Waste has been supporting commercial businesses and local domestic households in grease trap waste disposal across the Gippsland area for over 15 years. We are a family-owned business who are fully licensed and EPA-accredited.

gippsland grease trap cleaning, Mac Waste Group

Commercial Grease Traps

Commercial grease traps are typically used in hospitality premises, such as cafes, restaurants, bars, social clubs, hotels, takeaway stores etc. Grease traps (or grease interceptors) are typically stored underground. These are designed to capture any small drops of oil, fat or food particles that do not get scraped into a solid waste bin and stop these from entering waterways. Regulatory bodies require certification that your grease traps have been adequately cleaned.

Domestic Grease Traps

Domestic grease traps are a waste separator which is designed to collect greasy water from household kitchens. Fats and oils float to the surface, and an outlet within the trap prevents this greasy waste from being discharged into the septic tank or sewer. Food particles collect at the bottom othe grease trap, and this must be cleaned out regularly. Regular maintenance and deodorisation ensure minimal damage to your pipes and food particles entering local waterways.

Mac Waste Group Are Accredited EPA Liquid Waste Transport Specialists

gippsland grease trap cleaning, Mac Waste Group

What happens if Grease Traps are not cleaned regularly?

If decomposing food scraps are allowed to accumulate in the grease trap, this can cause damage and an unpleasant workspace for your hospitality staff. Hardening of food waste can cause blockages to drains and corrosion of your pipes.

Irregular disposal of this type of waste (fat, oil, grease and food particles) allows fat to accumulate in pipes. This can result in narrowing or damaging of pipes which can not only cause damage, but unnecessary and costly maintenance work later on.

What’s involved with Grease Trap Waste Disposal?

The grease trap waste disposal method used by Mac Waste ensures your home or business remains environmentally friendly in its waste management:

  • Efficient removal of fat, oil, grease and other debris
  • Internal cleaning of grease trap and the inlet/outlet
  • Grease trap deodorisation
  • Any defects or abnormalities are reported
  • Waste transport and appropriate waste recycling of grease and debris
  • Regulatory-approved certification for council inspections
gippsland grease trap cleaning, Mac Waste Group

Mac Waste Group Are Accredited EPA Liquid Waste Transport Specialists

gippsland grease trap cleaning, Mac Waste Group

How often should I have my Grease Trap cleaned?

Grease traps on commercial premises must be professionally cleaned every 3-4 months. This depends on the level of use, and turnover of food for your hospitality business. Commercial properties are inspected by their local council who need to see certification this has been done.

Our team at Mac Waste can arrange an ongoing schedule with you to regularly clean your grease traps, with minimal disruption to your commercial business. Contact our friendly team today for an obligation-free quote for grease trap waste disposal in the Gippsland area.

 Why should Grease Traps be professionally cleaned?

The hospitality industry imposes strict health and safety regulations for businesses and the safety of their staff and customers. Where grease traps are not professionally cleaned or maintained, your business risks getting a fine from regulatory bodies.

Regulatory bodies insist on viewing certification when inspecting your hospitality business. Mac Waste is fully accredited by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). This means we safely pump and dispose of grease trap waste from your premises, and provide your business with the required evidence of this work.

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