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Mac Waste Group are Gippsland’s trusted EPA-accredited liquid waste transport specialists for Leachate Water Collection
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Our Landfill Leachate Service in Gippsland

Leachate water is the liquid that is formed typically from rainwater entering landfills. This water passes through the landfill waste, and if not managed correctly it runs the risk of contaminating groundwater near the site. Leachate water is pumped out of the landfill and into a tank or specialised lined pond on the property. It must be treated to reduce the amount of chemicals, including ammonia and nitrogen.

If your property has landfill, you are required to treat and dispose of leachate water correctly. With over 20 years experience in liquid waste removal, MacWaste can assist you with your landfill cleaning needs. We are licensed and EPA-approved, and will always dispose of your liquid waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

MacWaste collects and disposes of leachate water from council properties, servicing all areas across Gippsland. Our specialised vacuum trucks are used to safely remove leachate water from your landfill tanks. We treat and properly dispose of the landfill leachate in accordance with strict guidelines.

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gippsland leachate water removal, landfill water collection gippsland

How often should I dispose of leachate water?

This is dependent on how much rainwater the area receives. Typically, summer receives less rain in Gippsland and therefore tanks and ponds don’t require emptying as much. However, in winter it’s important to keep a close eye out on your landfill tanks to ensure these do not become too full and at risk of overflowing.

The toxic substances and chemicals found in leachate water are high, and can cause health risks to people who come into contact with it. The leakage of untreated leachate water from tanks can contaminate surrounding waterways. This not only poses an environmental risk, but a risk to people’s health and wellbeing.

Mac Waste Group Are Accredited EPA Liquid Waste Transport Specialists

Why choose MacWaste for leachate collection services Gippsland?

MacWaste is a family-run business, which is based and owned in Gippsland. We have over 20 years of experience in liquid waste disposal services, including leachate water disposal. We work closely with our clients to implement a landfill leachate treatment system that meets their specific needs.

We own and operate a fleet of high-quality trucks and waste management tankers. Most importantly, we provide our clients with a fast, safe and effective leachate collection service for landfill owners. We are fully qualified and meet strict EPA regulations when disposing of all liquid waste.

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