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Our Car Wash Pit Cleaning Services in Gippsland

If you own a car washing service, then car wash pits are needed to trap dirt, chemicals, litter and grease from entering surrounding waterways. When car wash pits are not properly cleaned and maintained, they become clogged. This can damage your equipment, and any excess overflow can pollute surrounding water.

Don’t wait for unwanted clogging of your car wash pits to get it pumped clean. Regularly servicing your car wash pit by a professional ensures your business continues to run smoothly and without disruption.

MacWaste is fully certified by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). We dispose of all waste in an environmentally friendly manner. On completion of your car wash pit cleaning service, we provide you with an EPA certificate to prove to regulatory bodies that your waste has been disposed of correctly.

Gippsland car wash pit cleaning services
Gippsland car wash pit cleaning services

Why would I need to get my car wash pit professionally cleaned?

Failing to maintain your car wash pit leads to offensive odours, and build-up of debris and sludge that impacts the performance of your car wash. When this is not cleaned properly, this waste build-up can damage your equipment and cost more in maintenance later on.

Cleaning car wash pits on your own is very time-consuming, and can be an unpleasant job. Waste from your car wash pit needs to be ethically removed in accordance with environmental guidelines, and can lead to fines if not done correctly.

Using a professional cleaner means you can dispose of waste ethically and in an environmentally-friendly manner. MacWaste is EPA-certified and follows strict environmental guidelines to dispose of all waste from car wash pits.

Mac Waste Group Are Accredited EPA Liquid Waste Transport Specialists

How often should I clean my car wash pit?

Depending on use, car wash pits should be cleaned every 3-6 months. To save time and hassle, MacWaste can arrange a regular schedule with you to clean your car wash pits without having to re-book each time.

We work with you to arrange a time to clean your car wash pit that causes minimal disruption to your car washing business. Contact our friendly team today for an obligation-free quote in the Gippsland area.

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